Youth Leaders, Head Teachers & Tutors Wanted for Project SAFE
Project SAFE
Submitted by: Kristy Walter/Dani Bell

Project SAFE is currently accepting letters/emails of interest for several positions for elementary and middle school programming for before and after care.

Available positions include youth leaders, head teachers and tutors. Applicants must be positive and passionate about working with children.

Some positions at the elementary level will be conditional, based on the awarding of new grants. However, it is desired to award as many positions as possible before the mandatory meeting, August 9 and 10.

Please direct your email/letter of intent to Kristy Walter. Also, contact Kristy with any questions about the program or the positions.

Kristy Walter
Logan Hocking Schools
Director of Preschool and Project SAFE
740.385.8517 ext 2734

Click here to learn more about our Project SAFE program

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