ECOT Update/Online Learning Options at LHS
Logan High School
Submitted by: Dani Bell

Do you have a child enrolled in ECOT, who would be affected, should they close? If so, please read & share this important information.

L-H School District has developed our own online learning platform, which provides a viable option to obtaining a Logan High School Diploma.

We offer a blended learning opportunity: students can do digital full time or can choose another option, such as taking arts and music classes at LHS and doing all core classes online. This is just one example.

We have two full time instructors, one for K-6, one for 7-12. Both are open to work with students each day. Our digital platform is very personalized.

Our K-6 platform is extremely blended. Students have the option of taking field trips, having class parties, etc.

All digital students can take part in extra-curricular activities.

Contact Kim Norway to learn how we can help you.
Kim Norway
LHS Counselor
(740) 385-2069 Ext. 1604
(740) 385-9564 Fax

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