Lockdown @ LHS 10.13.17
Logan High School
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Today we had a real life taste of the fear and anxiety we can face if someone less than honest enters our building and gains access to our students and staff.

A visitor to our building today misrepresented himself and gained access to our building for a short time. We immediately went into administrative lockdown. Diligence and suspicion by staff led to a quick exit by the visitor. As soon as the visitor had left we eased the lockdown and resumed normal operation. By 3:00 PM the person was already being interviewed by our local police at their station. They are handling the investigation from here on.

Diligence and suspicion are what kept today's scare under control, short, and to a minimum. As much as we love the strength of our community and the general safety provided by our locality; as a school building, it is crucial that we double down on our intent to keep the building as safe as a public building can be. This is why we are constantly reviewing and updating our safety plans.

Thank You,

Ken Dille

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