School Spirit Rocks!
Logan High School
Submitted by: Dani Bell

The survey concludes, "school spirit is a powerful reflection of pride, achievement and determination. It goes hand in hand with positivity and is a benchmark of a school’s holistic success.”

Another key element of LHSD's Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) process is a focus on assessing school pride.

The link below takes you to an excellent article explaining why preserving school spirit is vital & the overall impact it can have on students & schools. As students or staff, we need to consistently show our pride in being Logan Chieftains, whether we are at school/work, or participating in extracurricular activities, we have a responsibility to positively represent LHSD. And the best part is, it's fun, healthy & has long-term effects on our individual & collaborative achievements.

Chieftains! We challenge you to join forces, act now & help increase & maintain our school pride. Let's do this!

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