Cultural Day at UF
Union Furnace Elem.
Submitted by: Mr. Novar

On February 21, 2017 Union Furnace welcomed representatives from Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda to share a bit of their cultures with our students for our 2nd annual "Cultural Day".  Students learned about customs, religion, food, language, and leisure activities amongst much more. For example, students learned how in the Ugandan culture, names are decided based upon a variety of factors including the day of the week. Students had a chance to participate in a dance from the Ghanian culture and they learned how respect for one's elders is shown in the Nigerian culture.  One of the school's student teachers, Chelsea Murden, helped lead a stations related to her experience with the Thai culture and had several artifacts including currency which she shared with the students.  

"Our aim with this day is to raise the level of awareness and knowledge of the various cultures in the world, not to mention challenge their assumptions, develop critical thinking habits, and help students make connections to their own culture and upbringing," reports school principal Brian Novar. "It's one thing to learn about a culture by reading about it or watching a movie, but it is a whole different experience when you actually have the chance to learn from and interact with someone from a foreign land. It's very powerful for our students!"

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