Pizza Lunch for AR Quads
Union Furnace Elem.
Submitted by: Mr. Novar

Meeting the Accelerated Reader (AR) goal for a grading period is an outstanding accomplishment. Point levels are set with enough challenge that each student should be able to meet their goal by the end of a given grading period. However, going 4 times past the goal is truly remarkable! Today we recognized two Union Furnace students, Mackenzie Garraway and Rozalin White for doing just that....quadrupling their AR goals! Roz finished with 42 AR points and Mackenzie with 48 points respectively. To help them celebrate, they both were allowed to bring a friend to a pizza lunch with their principal, Mr. Novar and district superintendent Mr. Monte Bainter. When asked during the lunch what their favorite books were that they read during the previous quarter, Mackenzie stated that she enjoyed "Jake Drake Class Clown", while Rozalin's favorite book was "Halfway to the Sky". We are very proud of both of these ladies for their accomplishments! Way to go!

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