LHS Students Awarded at Band Banquet
Logan High School
Submitted by: Pam Price
(L-R) John Philip Sousa Award Recipient Elisha Cordle, Director of Bands Jeff North; Louis Armstrong Award Recipient Alex Terrel; Marine Semper Fidelis Award Recipient Daniel Engler

The Logan High School Instrumental Music Department held the annual Band Banquet in the L.H.S. cafeteria on Tuesday evening.

Recipient of the John Philip Sousa Band Award was Elisha Cordle, daughter of Eli and Becky Cordle. "The John Philip Sousa Band Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement and interest in instrumental music," explained Jeff North, L.H.S. Band Director.

"For Singular merit in loyalty and cooperation, for displaying generally those qualities of conduct which school instrumental music strives to impart," he stated.

Recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award at Logan High School was Alex Terrel, son of Spencer Terrel and Jeanna Fox. "This award is in memory of jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong, and recognizes an outstanding musician in the Logan High School Jazz program", stated North.

Recipient of the Marine Semper Fidelis Award was Daniel Engler, son of Nadine and Steven Engler. This award is given in “Recognition of Diligence, Dedication and Musical Excellence as a Performing High School Bandsman and Soloist.”

Kayla Rosa, daughter of Karla Rosa, and Joey Cook, son of Dan and Wendy Cook were presented with The Al Horsky award. This award, established by current band directors and former students Jeff North and Pam Price, is “for someone who displays only the best in musical excellence and attitude through hard work and dedication" which are traits of Horsky during his twenty year tenure as Logan High School Band Director.

Joseph Caldicott, son of Richard and Lyn Caldicott and Tabitha McCloud, daughter of Jennifer McCloud were the recipients of the Directors Award for Band. "Outstanding Musicianship and Contributions to the Band Program are the basis for this award," North stated.

Recipient of the Harold R. (Big Smitty) Smith award was Brandon Morgan, son of Elly Bowlby. "This award represents pride toward the band, pride in self performance, leadership, desire for an outstanding group, responsibility and devotion," North explained.

"This award reflects Big Smitty in spirit, dedication, and exceptional enthusiasm," the director explained. "Musical excellence, leadership, and dedication to the band program are the basis for this award."

Recipient of the Bill Miller Memorial Award was Lacey Lawrence, daughter of Tim and Cindy Lawrence.

"Exceptional enthusiasm, spirit, loyalty, desire, and interest in the instrumental music program of the Logan-Hocking Schools are the qualities on which this award is based, " North commented.

Recipients of the Outstanding Freshmen Members of the Senior Band were Keri Hunt, daughter of Rick and Sandy Hunt; Andrew Wilkison, son of Todd and Mindy Wilkison; Adrienne Hacker, daughter of Rick and Mel Hacker; Brenna Gates, daughter of Tom and Tara Gates; and Alan Barnett, son of Angela and Chris Barnett.

Michael Spencer, son of Wes and Ethel Spencer was honored as Outstanding Member of Senior Band.

2011 LHS graduate Julia Moncrief, daughter of Susie Moncrief received the Barton A. Holl Music Scholarship and The Logan Alumni Band Al Horsky Scholarship. The Holl scholarship is awarded each year to a student(s) planning to pursue a course of study in the area of music. The Logan Alumni Band Al Horsky Scholarship is also given to a student(s) planning to pursue a course of study in the area of music at Ohio University. Moncrief is finishing her first year as an Instrumental Music Education Major at Ohio University.

Meghan Dickerson, daughter of Jeff and Lianne Dickerson and Mackenzie Call, daughter of Jennifer and Andy Wheeler were awarded a Certificate of Merit for their many hours of service as band librarians.

Musicianship certificates in recognition of outstanding musicianship and distinguished musical contributions were presented to Freshmen: Alan Barnett, son of Chris and Angela Barnett; Adrienne Hacker, daughter of Rick and Melanie Hacker; Keri Hunt, daughter of Rick and Sandy Hunt; Jessie Tirpak, daughter of Kellie Hutchison; Andrew Wilkison, son of Todd and Mindy Wilkison. Sophomores: Jessica Bowlby, daughter of Jane Bowlby; Jessica Burns, daughter of Shelley Burns; Chris Johnson, son of Bryan and Theresa Johnson; Jennifer Simonton, daughter of Michael and Vickie Simonton. Juniors: Sarah Bowersox, daughter of Byron and Sue Bowersox; Mackenzie Call, daughter of Jennifer and Andy Wheeler; Katie Hosler, daughter of Patrick and Lisa Hosler; Laura Leffler, daughter of Rachel and Keith Leffler; Shelby Rine, daughter of Steve Rine and Shirley Roshon; and Daniel Ryan, son of Marianna and Shawn Ryan; Mariah Wright, daughter of Randy and Lanae Wright; Brandi Zlatkind, daughter of Howard and Penny Zlatkind. Seniors: Joseph Caldicott, son of Richard and Lyn Caldicott; Joey Cook, son of Dan and Wendy Cook; Daniel Engler, son of Nadine and Steven Engler; Brandon Morgan, son of Elly Bowlby; Kayla Rosa, daughter of Karla Rosa; and Michael Spencer, son of Ethel and Wes Spencer.

North noted that all of these students sit at the top of their sections and participate in all possible ensembles available to them.

All freshmen members of the band received an "L" lyre patch, sophomore members received instrument pins, and junior members received lyre pins. All seniors in the band received statuettes.

Pep Band members receiving shoulder patches included: Kayla Rosa, Ashley Cordle, Jennifer Simonton, Jenifer Woodson, Adrienne Hacker, Sarah Bowersox, Mackenzie Call, Kayla Gallagher, Jessica Burns, Maura Hedges, Jessica Adams, Nonnah Miles, Ani Newman, Megan Messmer, Jessica Bowlby, Jessie Tirpak, Joey Cook, Christian Pugh, Tyler Wright, Lacey Lawrence, Daniel Ryan, Tyler Bowlby, Jude Tirpak, Chris Jenkins, Alex Rardain, Ana Shepherd, Brady Hacker, Michael Spencer, Joseph Caldicott, Alan Barnett, Shelby Rine, Kayla Tope, Andrew Wilkison, Daniel Engler, Emily Beaudreau, Brittney Newman, Keri Hunt, Chris Johnson, Brandon Morgan, Travis Daniel, Joseph Dailey, Alex Stine, Katie Hosler, Hannah Taulbee, Laura Leffler, Brandi Leffler, Meghan Dickerson, Brandi Zlatkind, Sydnee Brown, Brittaney Bearden, and Charles Coy.

Show Band members receiving awards were Elisha Cordle, Adrienne Hacker, Jennifer Simonton, Jessica Burns, Mackenzie Call, Amber Fizer, Sarah Bowersox, Jessica Bowlby, Joey Cook, Tyler Wright, Chris Jenkins, Mariah Wright, Tyler Bowlby, Daniel Engler, Keri Hunt, Brandon Morgan, Joseph Caldicott, Alex Stine, Alex Terrel, Amber Bownes, Laura Leffler.

Ninety percent club award winners were Jessica Adams, Joshua Anzalone, Alan Barnett, Mark Bartholomew, Matt Bartholomew, Brittaney Bearden, Emily Beaudreau, Tabitha Bigham, Sarah Bowersox, Charles Bowlby, Jessica Bowlby, Tyler Bowlby, Amber Bownes, Sydnee Brown, Jessica Burns, Savannah Byram, Joseph Caldicott, Mackenzie Call, Kayla Carr, Lyndsey Cook, Joey Cook, Ashley Cordle, Elisha Cordle, Brian Coulardot, Charles Coy, Meghan Dickerson, Daniel Engler, Julia Figgins, Amber Fizer, Ali Foltz, Kayla Gallagher, Brenna Gates, Amber Glenn, Adrienne Hacker, Maura Hedges, Katie Hosler, Keri Hunt, Chris Jenkins, Chris Johnson, Katie Jones, Sydney Kendrick, Lacey Lawrence, Brandi Leffler, Laura Leffler, Tabitha McCloud, Megan Messmer, Ambir Myers, Rachel Riggs, Shelby Rine, Elizabeth Rolfes, Kayla Rosa, Stefka Rosa, Matt Rowe, Daniel Ryan, Chelsea Saunders, Ana Shepherd, Jennifer Simonton, Mackenzie Skaggs, Kylee Spackey, Michael Spencer, Niki Stimmel, Hannah Taulbee, Alex Terrel, Jessie Tirpak, Kayla Tope, John Vargo, Kaylee Vermillion, Nathan Wallace, Blake Walsh, Andrew Wilkison, Jacob Williams, Tiffanie Wine, Chelsea Wollett, Jenifer Woodson, Mariah Wright, Mikayla Wykle, and Brandi Zlatkind.

Jazz Band members receiving awards included Mark Bartholomew, Jessica Bowlby, Megan Messmer, Brenna Gates, Jessie Tirpak, Christian Pugh, Alaina Reedy, Ryan Burghy, Tyler Wright, Amber Fizer, Jessica Burns, Daniel Engler, Chris Johnson, Keri Hunt, Andrew Wilkison, Mariah Wright, Daniel Ryan, Lacey Lawrence, Jude Tirpak, Chris Jenkins, Ana Shepherd, Brady Hacker, John Auker, Alex Terrel, Katie Hosler, Brandi Leffler, Laura Leffler, Brandon Morgan, Nathan Wallace, Alex Stine, Joseph Dailey, Travis Daniel, Joseph Caldicott, Alan Barnett, Matt Rowe, Sarah Bowersox, and Hannah Taulbee.

Solo and Ensemble participants receiving awards were Katie Hosler, Amber Bownes, Hannah Taulbee, Laura Leffler, Brandi Zlatkind, Lyndsey Cook, Sarah Bowersox, Amber Fizer, Mackenzie Call, Christian Pugh, Jessica Burns, Kayla Gallagher, Ali Foltz, Jessica Adams, Sydney Kendrick, Kaylee Vermillion, Stefka Rosa, Maura Hedges, Kylee Spackey, Chelsea Wollett, Elisha Cordle, Ashley Cordle, Kayla Rosa, Annie Green, Jennifer Simonton, Tiffanie Wine, Adrienne Hacker, Julia Figgins, Jenifer Woodson, Tabitha McCloud, Joey Cook, Mark Bartholomew, Jessica Bowlby, Jessie Tirpak, Brenna Gates, Tyler Wright, Michael Spencer, Joseph Caldicott, Rachel Riggs, Alan Barnett, Mariah Wright, Matt Bartholomew, Daniel Ryan, Chris Jenkins, Brady Hacker, Jude Tirpak, Lacey Lawrence, Tyler Bowlby, Niki Stimmel, Daniel Engler, Emily Beaudreau, Keri Hunt, Chris Johnson, Shelby Rine, Kayla Tope, Brandon Morgan, Travis Daniel, Joseph Dailey, Alex Stine, and Andrew Wilkison.

Band officers receiving awards were Christian Pugh, President; Katie Hosler, Vice-President; Lyndsey Cook, Secretary; Mark Bartholomew, Treasurer; Meghan Dickerson, Mackenzie Call, Librarians; Joey Cook, Senior Representative; Mariah Wright, Junior Representative; Jessica Bowlby, Sophomore Representative; and Keri Hunt, Freshmen Representative.

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