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Single scholarship recipients include (from left): First row: Michael Roop, Jessica Miller, Ashley Skinner, Kaitlyn Howard, Kori Hicks and Aurora Smith; second row: Katye Mosack, Tyler McManaway, Holly Taylor, Patrick Bachmann, Kendra Stuller, Jennifer Hoag, Sara McDaniel, Ashley Watkins, Jessica Harlow and Kaylie Ruff; third row: Emalie Hurd, Tylor Stimmel, Jeffrey Tornwall, Dennis Wolfe, Emily Griggs, Jenna Kuhn, Lauren Dickerson, Brooke Sampson and Ashlie Roederer; fourth row: Jessie Randolph, Kyle Walker, Dylan Cavinee, Alex Rose, Kenneth Buckler, Tyler Dement, John Teal and Jacob Hood.

Logan High School recognized academic achievement during its annual Scholars Awards Night held Tuesday evening.

Eighty seniors and past graduates earned local scholarships totaling $300,000. This year, more than 30 seniors were recognized for the scholarships they earned from universities they plan to attend. Seniors who earned the Diploma with Honors and the Award of Merit also were recognized.

Underclassmen and seniors who earned at least a 3.5 grade point average for each of the year’s grading periods, or who have a 3.5 cumulative grade point average will be recognized at a special cookout at Logan High School on May 12. Later this summer, Brighten Your Future grants also will be awarded. Current seniors and past graduates are encouraged to apply.

2011 Scholars Awards Night recipients include:

• Jim Myers Scholarship: John Teal, Jacob Hood, Lauren Dickerson and Brandy Stiverson.

• Corey E. Kissling Memorial Scholarship: Brittney Hunt and Tim Ryan.

• Schultheis-Davie Insurance Scholarship: Bailey Topf.

• T-KUP Ministries Scholarship: Jesse Arnold, Stefanie Rieder (past graduate) and Jorden Meadows (past graduate).

• Class of 1973 Scholarship: Tim King.

• Rockbridge Elementary School/PTO Scholarship: Autumn Freeman, Taylor Vorhees and Alyssa Meyer.

• Justin Lawrence “Larry” Wells Scholarship: Jordan Jurgensmier.

• Class of 1978 Scholarship: Alex Erb.

• Lillian and Leon Eichel Scholarship: Loryn Cassady, Molly Webb, Autumn Freeman, Hannah Vollmer and Michelle Rameriz.

• George Tipton/Kiwanis Scholarship: Lynndsay Little and Audriana Vermillion.

• Debby Angle Scholarship: Emily Griggs, Cristi Castle and Kaitlyn Howard.

• Jacob Schmidt Scholarship: Ashlie Roederer.

• Hocking Valley Community Hospital Clinical Scholarship: Brooke Sampson and Ryan Cassady.

• Hocking Valley Community Physicians Scholarship: Lynndsay Little, Nina Budeiri and Loryn Cassady.

• Starr Washington Scholarship: Michelle Ramirez (Donna Higgins Sniff Scholarship), Tricha Misner (Union Furnace Alumni Association Scholarship) and Emilie Sigler (Union Furnace Alumni Association Scholarship).

• Frank Judy Family/Logan High School Fund: Tim Ryan.

• Bill Sauer/Senior Class: Tyler Dement and Bailey Topf.

• Hocking Soil and Water Conservation District Scholarship: Tiffanie Baker.

• National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Ben Moore.

• Bill Sauer Sports Scholarship: Jennifer Hoag and Joseph Phelps.

• Delbert and Frieda Davis Scholarship: Julia Moncrief.

• Chieftain Booster Scholar Athlete Award: Loryn Cassady and Jesse Arnold.

• Hocking County Chapter of OSU Alumni Association Scholarship: Jackson Quier, Ben Moore, Molly Webb and Brittney Hunt.

• Logan Education Association Scholarship: Julia Moncrief.

• Kuhn Family Scholarship: Alyssa Meyer.

• Joseph Murtha Scholarship: Tricha Misner.

• Purple and White Scholarship: Jessica Harlow.

• Logan Rotary Scholarship: Matthew Weaver.

• Logan Rotary Harley Ellinger Scholarship: Jenna Kuhn.

• Neil Wallar Soccer Scholarship: John Bailey, Catherine Burcham and Christine Burcham.

• Marie Sines Scholarship: Mackenzie Hatfield, Felisha Donaldson, Keely Ingram (past graduate) and Nicole Egger (past graduate).

• Logan Holl Scholarship: Sara McDaniel, Joseph Phelps, Nathaniel Poling, Jessie Randolph, Ryan Sigler (past graduate) and James McCarty (past graduate).

• Minnie Bowen Scholarship: Desiree Hipsher, Ashley Marshall, Sierra Bourne, Michael Roop, Aurora Smith, Brady Stiverson, Ashley Watkins, Whitney Mitchell (past graduate), Lauryn Dawley (past graduate), Brittany Bapst (past graduate), Taylor Simons (past graduate) and Chelsey Evans (past graduate).

• Ace Scholarship: Jesse Arnold, Ben Moore, Julia Moncrief and Lynndsay Little.

• Franklin B. Walter Scholastic Award: Loryn Cassady.

• Jaycee Scholarship: Brittney Hunt.

• Business and Professional Women’s Association Scholarship (Birdie Bowers): Bailey Topf.

• Bowen House Fine Arts Scholarship: Connor Enmen.

• Dorothy Hartman-Kalklosh Scholarship: Katye Mosack, Emilie Sigler, Ryan Cassady, Eli Shaw, Tylor Stimmel, Kendra Stuller and Kelsey Skaggs.

• Arthur Kalklosh Scholarship: Tiffanie Baker.

• Hocking County Farm Bureau Scholarship: Alyssa Meyer.

• Don Thompson Lady Chief Scholarship: Abbie Linton.

• Lilyfest Scholarship: Nicolas Fiddler.

• Presbyterian Youth Scholarship: Molly Webb.

• National Art Honor Society: Nicolas Fidler.

• Mingo Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Julia Moncrief.

• Class of 1950 Scholarship: Catherine Burcham and Christine Burcham.

• Robert Dee Gabriel Memorial Scholarship: Shannon Rine.

• Four Season Garden Club Scholarship: Tiffanie Baker and Emily Lanning.

• Logan Bobcat Basketball Scholarship: Jesse Arnold.

• Tedd McCormick Scholarship: Jackson Quier, Abbie Linton, Abigail Graf, Emalie Hurd and Holly Taylor.

• Hocking County 4-H Scholarship: Emily Lanning, Kori Hicks, Audriana Vermillion, Tyler McManaway and Bailey Topf.

• Brandon Family Scholarship: Taylor Vorhees and Emily Lanning.

• Phillip Michael Davis Scholarship: Alex Rose, Jordan Jurgensmier and Kenneth Buckler.

• OAPSE Scholarship: Lynndsay Little.

• Laurel Township Scholarship: Jessica Miller and Emily Lanning.

• Jessica Kelch Memorial Scholarship: Abbie Linton and Nicole Arnold.

• Angel Unaware Scholarship: Nina Budeiri.

• Dayton Schultheis Mathematics Award: Otto Shaw.

• Judge Frederick E. Mong Educational Scholarship Fund: Kyle Walker.

• Citizens Bank Scholarship: Kaylie Ruff.

• Logan Tomahawk Football Scholarship: Tiffanie Baker and Dylan Cavinee.

• William C. and Mildred K. Lehman Scholarship: Nina Budeiri, Krista Smart, Dennis Wolfe, Ben Moore and Julia Moncrief.

• Bishop Educational Gardens Inc. Scholarship: Patrick Bachmann and Ashley Skinner.

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