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The LHSD Chieftain Academy is an alternative to traditional brick and mortar classrooms and it is sponsored and supported by the Logan-Hocking School District and its Board of Education. The primary goal of the Chieftain Academy is to provide a quality education and curriculum to students of diverse needs and backgrounds. The primary online curriculum used at the HS/MS level is Edmentum PLATO Courseware. At the elementary level, the live teaching sessions are conducted utilizing the elementary curriculum-based resources used in the traditional classroom.

Chieftain Academy offers students the flexibility to participate in online coursework. In order to be successful, students/families need to follow a structured and consistent online learning time built into the daily schedule. Parental engagement and supervision is vital to the success of the online schooling format.

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Maya Buritto Art show!!! Would you like to participate in an art show led by Mrs. Oldham? If so, please respond to her Google Form. Click the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uKV-ZIm0QBsyHTxcN4mkK-SxZEQKPIKHX5XbOF_jBlE/viewform?edit_requested=true Are you interested, but donít have the supplies at home? No PROBLEM, we have you covered! The Chieftain Academy at the Logan Theater can help you with supplies, we have: Drawing paper Colored pencils Markers Canvas Paint...
On November 18, 2021 students and their families participated in an after school family fun evening. Families watched a video from Storylineonline.net called Turkey Trouble read by Marc Maron. After watching the video, students and families made an apron from a dishtowel and some ribbon. Once they finished their aprons, many wore them to create their edible turkey made from an oreo cookie, reese cup, edible googly eyes and some candy corn. We drew 4 names for a door prize as well. Jacob ...
If you or a friend need a quiet place to study, the Logan Theater (2nd floor) is the right place for you. If you are working on an art project and need space, the Logan Theater is the place for you! If you need some help with your homework or help studying, the Logan Theater is the right place for you. We have certified teachers on staff. Do you want a place to relax and read a book or need a computer to use for school? If so, the Logan Theater is the place for you! Any questions can be dir...
On November 18, 2021, Grades 4-8 that are in the Chieftain Academy are invited along with parents to participate in a Family Fun Evening. Students will make an edible craft, along with an apron that can be used to help with Thanksgiving dinner. Please feel free to bring your own dish towel and ribbon, but if you are unable, supplies will be provided. To include some literacy, we will have a Thanksgiving book that will be read to students and parent. Please come and enjoy an evening on us! Th...
Staff and students in the Chieftain Academy (grades 4-8) had a great time Oct 28, 2021 during their Halloween Bash! They were visited by a gremlin (Joey Gibson), a mad scientist (Colton Dingus), a Queen of Hearts (McKenna Detty), a Marshmallow (Kadyn Cook) and various other characters from their favorite shows. Mrs. Jacky Jones dressed up in a purple wig. Students participated in two crafts, pumpkin making and a skeleton hand. Along with the crafts, students watched a Scooby Doo cartoon whi...
As most of you are aware, the Chieftain Academy for grades 4-8 is located at the Logan Theater in town. We are excited to be here and the students truly enjoy the space. One student commented, "This is like a coffee shop!". The space is large and welcoming. We have wood block tables and high top tables for students to use for their learning. Not only are we using this space for the Chieftain Academy, but also for after school tutoring. If your child just needs a quiet place to work without...
Welcome back to the Chieftain Academy! We are looking forward to a great year. A few things for the beginning of the year: Student pictures will be taken on make-up day. More information will be sent out by your teacher near that time. Also, please make sure your child signs in daily and completes the question of the day (Middle School) and completes their assignments for the day. The schedule is a little different this year and students have 2 to 3 classes per 15 days as opposed to the 1 c...
Chieftain Academy students will be turning in chromebooks Wednesday, May 26th, at the Chieftain Center.
Welcome to Chieftain Academy Mrs. McKenzie!!! Mrs. McKenzie is our Kindergarten Chieftain Academy teacher. She comes to us from Union Furnace Elementary where she taught Kindergarten. Mrs. McKenzie is a well-liked and admired teacher by staff, students and parents. Mrs. McKenzie is the daughter of Mrs. Dixon who is also a Kindergarten teacher at Central Elementary. Mrs. McKenzie enjoys spending time with her little girl-Ruby, a dog named Pepper and husband. She just started her own little chi...
Upcoming Chieftain Academy meal delivery schedule through the end of 2020 and into January.
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