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The Logan-Hocking Digital Academy (LHDA) is a nontraditional school sponsored by the Logan-Hocking School District. The mission of the LHDA is to meet the needs of each student by providing state approved education through an on-line instruction and individualized mentoring. The LHDA is a school that requires students to learn independently in their own homes by using an online educational program.

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Some of our Chieftain Academy elementary students met this week to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Chieftain Center!
Congratulations to Chieftain Academy Senior Evan Mata! Evan will be joining the workforce after graduation. His favorite part of Chieftain Academy was not having to worry about the stress of Covid. I was really happy and still able to make a lot of great memories. His advice to freshman: "make the best of All of it because you never know when you will take the last step out of the school and eventually leave all the great memories you had behind. Always smile and don't worry about wh...
Congratulations to Chieftain Academy Senior Jasmin Saving! Jasmin will be attending Hocking College to pursue a degree in nursing. Her favorite part of Chieftain Academy is how the staff is there any time she needed help, how open they are to help, and being able to work at your own pace. Her advice to freshman: "be realistic about your goals and get involved in activities and don't let people judge you based on what you have interest in." Her favorite quote: " life isn't about wa...
Congratulations to Nathen Decker Chieftain Academy Senior! Nathen will be entering the workforce at Smead and we are excited for his future. Nathen had this to share: The best part of CA for me was the Flexibility on time I had to turn my work in. His advice to incoming Freshman: At times it does seem hard but keep your head up and always remember there’s nothing wrong with taking breaks from time to time. Plans for after graduation: I set my goals to get a high school diploma. ...
We only have 24 more school days!!! This is exciting. Summer will be here before you know it. Things to keep in mind. 1. For grades 6-12, we are in our last course session. Please get all assignments completed before the end of the school year. 2. Chromebooks can be dropped off at the Chieftain Center on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 between 9am-4pm. All student chromebooks need to be returned for cleaning and updating. 3. If you have not filled out the survey letting us know what your pla...
Welcome to Chieftain Academy Mr. Bell Rich is a Logan graduate and has taught Math for 30 plus years. He has taught at several schools, but decided to return to Logan a few years ago. Rich has coached basketball for more than 3 decades and is currently an assistant varsity basketball coach for the Logan Chieftains. He is an avid sports fan. "Mr. Bell has been an invaluable asset for the Chieftain Academy. Rich has a great connection with the students he serves. He is able to find resource...
Mr. Frasure is the Director of Student Programs which means he does a little bit of everything. However, one of his main jobs is to supervise the Chieftain Academy. This has not been an easy task this year given he has had to supervise 22 or so teachers as well as his other duties as DoSP. This year has brought many challenges with Covid-19, however, Mr. Frasure has pushed through and made the Chieftain Academy environment a wonderful place to work and learn. Mr. Frasure is a Notre Dame fan, (...
Mr. Mulrooney was the first full time Chieftain Academy teacher. He was in charge of the program from K-12 grades, although most of his students at that time were high school students. Mr. Mulrooney set the tone for the Chieftain Academy and has made it possible for the program to grow into what it is today: 20+ teachers and hundreds of students. In his free time, Mr. Mulrooney is an avid baseball fan. He also likes to collect coins and teaches the History of WW2 at Ohio University, Lancaster ...
Welcome to Chieftain Academy Angie Helber!! Ms. Helber comes to Chieftain Academy from the Opportunity Center. She works with our 6th grade students making sure they working to their best ability. Ms. Helber was formerly the Middle School Opportunity Center teacher, school Guidance Counselor for the Elementary schools and Middle School, and a classroom teacher. Ms. Helber is a graduate of Logan-Hocking Schools and Ohio University. She loves spending time with her cats and is very close with he...
Welcome to Chieftain Academy Meagan Ulbrich!! Miss Ulbrich is our 3rd grade Chieftain Academy teacher. Her classroom is at Union Furnace Elementary. Miss Ulbrich is a graduate of Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes), with a degree in Early Childhood Education. While at college, Miss Ulbrich was part of the row team. Other than Miss Ulbrich’s degree in Early Childhood, she also obtains a degree in Visual Impairments preK-12. She is also active in her church and has been on Mission trips around ...
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