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The Logan-Hocking Digital Academy (LHDA) is a nontraditional school sponsored by the Logan-Hocking School District. The mission of the LHDA is to meet the needs of each student by providing state approved education through an on-line instruction and individualized mentoring. The LHDA is a school that requires students to learn independently in their own homes by using an online educational program.

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Sometimes teaching can be challenging. For some the task of learning is challenging. Either way you look at it, education is challenging at times. The Digital Academy classroom allows students to work at their own pace, yet have some support when needed. My co-teacher, Lance Roberts, and I work diligently to make sure students feel comfortable, safe and educated when the come to our room. Often times students see the instructor as mean or not fun and it takes the fun out of learning. In th...
The end of Semester A for Logan Hocking Digital Academy is nearing. The end of the Semester is January 11th. All work should be completed and turned in by this date. Students who do not complete Semester A courses will not be able to access Semester B courses. If you have already finished Semester A, your Semester B classes are up and ready for you. Please try to get these courses completed. If you have any questions please call Tina Shonborn 740-385-8764 (k-8) or John Mulrooney 740-385-2...
Students came together of all ages to create and paint a picture. At least once a month, students are encouraged to come to the classroom and do some sort of activity. This time it happened to be painting. Students could paint whatever they wished. Some went with the holiday theme, while others painted pictures of their favorite thing. We also had some snacks for the students to munch on. We all had a great time being together and helping each other make their picture the best it could be. ...
The Digital Academy is more than just students working on a computer all day at home. Students in our Digital Academy work at their own pace and at the time that is best suited for them. LHDA also provides a learning environment where lessons are geared toward the student. The student's assignments are developed based on their strengths and weaknesses.
Mrs. Bainter playing "Two Truths, One Lie", a math game with a Digital Academy student. Aidan had a fun time, trying to figure out what things were truths and what were lies. Communicating and using critical thinking skills are just what he needed. Thank you Mrs. Bainter.
Today in Digital Academy we had our first group project. Students came together to make an apron. They brought in a dishtowel of their choice while I provided ribbon, thread, needles and buttons. The room was full of laughter and excitement as they measured around their bodies to get the right amount of ribbon, and began sewing the ribbon on. They were laughing as they made mistakes and trying to thread their needles. The students standing around the table looking for buttons to match their ...
Digital Academy students are welcome to come in for small group or one to one tutoring. It is actually encouraged. Students can come in up to 2 days a week for 2 hours each time. Not all students need both days or the full two hours, so times are flexible and can be scheduled as needed. Mr. Roberts is our Special Education instructor and he works with his students a minimum of 2 days a week for an hour each session. It is a privilege for Mr. Roberts and I to work with your students. Than...
Digital Academy only posts grades at Semesters due to the system we use (Plato) for graded 4-8. Classes are set up on Semesters, therefore students have a full Semester to complete all assignments. Digital Academy does not post interim grades or 9 weeks grades. If you are concerned about your child's progress you can log into your child's Plato program and their current grade is visible there or feel free to contact me anytime. Grades K-3(4), we do not use Plato, so we will post grades per...
Digital Academy is off to a great start. Students are working hard. We already have students meeting their AR goal for the first 9 weeks. Great job, Cherish and Carson Darling!! Other students are on their way. Enjoy the Hocking County Fair this week!
Digital Academy students were you aware that you can be a part of the Hocking County Children't Chorus? Well... you are!! There are many ways to get into contact with them. or by visiting our website: or our FB page: I'd love to come see you perform.
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