Parent Forms
   Special Services
   Treasurer's Office
   Enrollment & Withdrawl

   OHSAA Consent Form
   Request for Special Transportation
   Volunteer Application
   Physician Drug Authorization
   Administration of Over-the-Counter Medication form
   Request for Student Inhaler Possession form
   Required Ohio Forms
   Referral for Evaluation
   Parent Consent for Evaluation
   Student Invitation
   DIEP-4 "Progress Report"
   Evaluation Planning Form DEV-5
   DEV-6 "Attempts to Contact Parents
   Determination of Suspected Disability DEV-7
   DIEP-2 IEP Invitation-Other Resources
   DIEP-3 "Letter to Parents after IEP meeting
   IEP Team Meeting Form DIEP-5
   Confidential Records Form
   Vision Exam Form
   Teacher TAG Referral form
   MS IEP At-a-Glance form
   Elementary Special Education Transfer form
   Alternate Assessment form
   Entry Year Program Activity Confirmation Form
   EYP Collaborative Log/Report
   Release of Information Form
   Enrichment Rep Monthly Report
   504 Eligibility Determination
   Section 504 Accommodation Plan
   Information Regarding Section 504 Parents Rights
   Summary of Performance
   Home Instruction Request Procedures
   Home Instruction Request Form
   Home Instruction Guidance Information
   Physician Certification for Home Instruction Form
   IAT Initial Referral
   IAT Plan
   IAT Follow Up
   Observation ETR Form
   Parent Consent to Share Information
   Assessment ETR Teacher Form
   Parent Notification for Medicaid

Dock Form  
Sick & Personal Leave Form
   Professional Leave Form 2022 (effective until June 30, 2022)
   Professional Leave Form 2022 (effective Jul.1, 2022)
   Employee Long Term Leave Request
   2022 Mileage Form (effective until June 30, 2022)
   2022 Mileage Form (effective Jul. 1, 2022)
   Requisition Form (right or control click)
    Administrator Professional Leave Form 2022 (effective until June 30, 2022)
    Administrator Professional Leave Form 2022 (effective July 1, 2022)
   Supplemental form (right or control click)
   Gap Insurance Reimbursement form
   125 Flex Plan Voucher
   Refund Form
   City Income Tax Deduction Form
   Gift Card Return Receipt Form
   Gift Card Receipt Reconciliation Form
   Employee Change of Name & Address
   SAPF Fundraiser Form
   Tax Sheltered Accounts/Annuities Vendor Contact Information
   Direct Deposit Form
   Brick Order Form Payroll Deduction

   Withdrawal Checklist
   Parent Permission for Special Ed Placement
   Student Transfer Report
   Special Services Change
   Food Service Enrollment
   Food Service Withdrawal

   Logan-Hocking LPDC Information Page
   District Workshop Presenter Form
   Course Syllabus Example
   Workshop Presenter Instructions
   Goals Sheet
   Earning CEU's

   Text Book Replacement
   Text Book Adoption Form
   Tuition Reimbursement Form
   Admin Sick Leave Donation Form
   Admin Sick Leave Need Form
   Field Trip Request (District)
   Field Trip Request (Private)
   Incident Report
   Video Request Form
   Video Parent Permission Form
   Safety Evaluation Form
   Supplemental Contract Bid Form
   MS ALC form
   Extra Curricular SignOut Log
   Transportation Extra Curricular Policy
   Extra Curricular Sign Out Sheet
   Warehouse Pickup Form
   Employee Long Term LEAVE REQUEST   
 Post Exposure Form
   Teacher Student Excess Form: Select File - Make a Copy
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