Administrative Assistant


10-month, 7.5-Hour Administrative Assistant, Maintenance, Central Office

Job Vacancy
Logan-Hocking School District

3-Day Resultant Bid

POSITIONS: Central Office 10-month (210 day contract), 7.5-Hour
Administrative Assistant to the Supervisor Of Buildings and Grounds

SHIFT TIME: 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM (with 1 hour unpaid lunch)

QUALIFICATIONS: Bidder must have passed the Administrative Assistant
Test offered by the school district and be able to meet the qualifications on the job description attached to this posting

BID DATE OPENING: Noon, Tuesday, November 24, 2020 through
Noon, Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

BIDDING PROCEDURE: Obtain a bid card at the Administration Office,
supply the required information and return the
card by the above deadline

Christy A. Bosch
Assistant Superintendent
2019 East Front Street
Logan, Ohio 43138

Christy A Bosch
Assistant Superintendent

Application Forms (Adobe Reader Required)
Classified Application
Teaching Application
Administrative Application
Those seeking certified employment with the district should submit a completed Teaching Application and resume using this link.

Other Information
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