12-Month, 8-Hour, Day Shift Custodian, Central Elementary


Anticipated Position as of January 1, 2018

Internal Applicants Only


POSITION: 12-Month, 8-Hour, Day Shift Custodian,
Central Elementary

SHIFT TIME 6:30 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must have passed the custodial test offered by the
Logan-Hocking Schools.

BID DATE OPENING: Noon, Monday, November 20, 2017 through
Noon, Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

BIDDING PROCEDURE: Obtain a bid card at the Administration Office, supply the required information and return the card by the above deadline

Christy A. Bosch
Assistant Superintendent
2019 E. Front Street
Logan, Ohio 43138

Central Elementary
Custodial Service – Building Responsibilities

TITLE: Custodian – Day Shift

QUALIFICATIONS: This position requires that the person:

Have a thorough knowledge of approved cleaning procedures and the care of school buildings and grounds.
Be able to make minor repairs as needed.
Be able to conduct themselves properly around students and the general public.
Be in proper physical condition to perform the regular duties plus be able to climb and lift at least 50 LB.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal in cooperation with the Supervisor of Building and Grounds



Begin Work 6:30 A.M. Finish Work – 3:00 P.M.
Lunch 11:00 – 11:30 A.M.


Care of the building
Cleanliness and sanitation of building
Economical and efficient use of supplies and the inventory of supplies and equipment
Safety and health of pupils and teachers
Removal of all fire hazards
Obtaining permission of building Principal before leaving building during working hours
Exhibiting good public relations
Cooperating with Building Principal and Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds
Keeping incidental items in repair
Taking care of all emergencies and minor repairs
Being available when activities are held in the building
Performing duties aside from routine, which may need attention
Cleaning windows
Keeping outside area clean
Maintaining a clean and neat custodial storage area
Other duties as assigned by the Building Principal and Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds


A. Administration Area

A – Area: 102, 102B,102C, 102D, 102F, 102G, 102H, 103

a. Empty wastebaskets, replace liners as needed
Dust window sills and counters
Clean windows
Vacuum carpet areas, dust mop tile floors-wet mop spills
Secure area upon completion

B. Restrooms
1. 102J, 103A, 129H
Empty wastebaskets
Clean, disinfect fixtures. Wet mop floors daily.
Clean mirrors
Clean paper towel dispenser
Restock paper products, fill soap dispensers.

C. Kitchen & Serving Area
129, 129A, 129B, 129D, 129E, 129F, 129G
Assist cooks with retrieving heavy boxes etc. from storage areas.
Receive and stock deliveries for food services.
Mop-disinfect floors daily after lunch preparation.
Remove and clean exhaust hood filters at least twice annually.

D. Café & Stage
127, 136
a. Check stage area and dust mop weekly when no activities are scheduled, daily during programs or practices.
Prepare area for breakfast and lunch
Dust mop floor after breakfast. Wet mop spills. Remove trash.
After lunch store tables, wet mop/disinfect entire area

E. Gymnasium
1. 128
Dust mop daily, wet mop as needed
Keep storage areas neat and organized

F. Hallways
Vestibule 100, 102A, 127A, 130, 133
Ramp 137
Stairs 127B, 136A, 140
Dust mop daily, wet mop as needed
Vacuum daily

G. Check with building principal for possible duties required during special activities.

H. Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer:
1. Coordinate/cooperate with other building custodians and building and grounds supervisor to accomplish major tasks during these breaks.

I. Storage and Mechanical/Technology areas are shared by all building custodians. These areas should receive attention during non-school days.

J. Keep building perimeter and “islands” mowed and trimmed.

Application Forms (Adobe Reader Required)
Classified Application
Teaching Application
Those seeking certified employment with the district should submit a completed Teaching Application and resume using this link.

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